In today’s fast moving world good product management is critical to maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

We are fascinated by the unique challenges that product leaders face - from start-ups to enterprises - and interviewed nearly 100 of the world's top product managers to uncover and share their insights into how launch great products and build successful product teams.

What our readers say about the book

“This book will be your guide to navigating product leadership, the one I never had. Within its pages you’ll hear a diversity of opinions from the industry’s most successful and respected product leaders, insights that will help you lead your team and deliver exceptional products.”

Ken Norton

Product Partner, GV


“Designers, engineers and product managers who’ve been looking to take the leap into leadership, look no further. This book distills the history and future of the field alongside insights from its luminaries and experts - an invaluable guide for leveling up your skills and execution.”


Product Design Director, Facebook


"This book delivers impactful lessons in customer driven Product Management practices. The approaches in Product Leadership - backed by real, relatable experiences - make this an indispensable reference to deliver and evolve great products for our users!”


SVP Corporate Solutions, NASDAQ


"Packed with deep knowledge - I learned more from the introduction than I learn from most other books cover to cover."


Director of Product Management, Sears

"Product Leadership is the perfect companion to Inspired, the product bible by Marty Cagan."

Teddy Zetterlund

Head of Product, Lägenhetsbyte

"If you are a CPO, VP of Product, or Director of Product, this is the book you've been waiting for."


Director of Product, TUNE

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